Palmares JEFF 2016

Professional Jury (ECFA-Jury):

• Best Feature Film: My Skinny Sister from Sanna Lenken (Sweden, Germany, 2015)

In a nice cinematographic approach the director creates a brave portrait of a young girl struggling with self-esteem and acceptance, confronted with the problems of growing up. The film is about finding your own place in the world. The theme of the relationship between how you feel and how you look in a demanding environment is brought in an intriguing way.

• Best Short Film (cash award from Het Jeugdfilmfestival): Le pli dans l’espace (When I close my eyes) from Ann-Julie Vervaeke (Belgium, 2014)

An intriguing movie about the emotional struggle of a young girl. As she can’t get a grip on her situation and environment, she won’t accept that someone else has a grip on her. The use of a lot of close ups takes the viewer literally under her skin. The theme of the struggle with a new composed family is a very relevant theme these days. The open ending invites the audience to reflect about the subject.

Children’s Jury Antwerp:

• Best Feature Film: Mune, the Guardian of the Moon from Alexander Heboyan and Benoît Philippon (France, 2015)

Mune is a story full of imagination: it tells about the night and day creatures that have to work together with the little Mune to save the sun and the moon. The contrast between day and night is beautiful: the colours, the creatures, the traditions,… are different. A lot of fun characters (like Mune, Sohone and Glim) go on an adventure and are beautifully drawn and animated. We were very pleased that another style of drawing was used for the dreamworld. This movie is not only fun for little children but also for adults because it tells a moving story.

• Best Short Film: Lifestyle from Lisa Matuszak (Belgium, 2015)

Lifestyle is an original short film full of imagination about a dog, a horse and a stork that are waiting for the train. Without using any words, they still become friends. According to us, the short film is built up well. The animals each have their own personality, you can see it in the movie, but they also have recognisable human traits, like the horse that crosses her legs. And even though the drawings aren’t that detailed, they are realistic and beautiful.

Children’s Jury Bruges:

• Best Feature Film: De onzichtbare jongen (The Invisible Boy) from Gabriele Salvatores (Italy, 2014)

The Invisible Boy was a good and exciting movie until the very end. It was quite a long movie, but the story was enthralling, so we didn’t notice it. The movie is suitable for both boys and girls, action combined with mystery and a little bit of romance. They had thought a lot about the scenery and costumes. Michel’s father stayed obscure because of his dark clothes. What we also liked is the fact that we were still able to see the invisible boy, especially when he sat on the bed or when they threw flower on him, that was very well done. The subject bullying is covered enough, but we are happy that is was shown in a positive way.

• Best Short Film: Danse Macabre from Michael Van Ostade (Belgium, 2016)

In Bruges, Danse Macabre was received as an original short film. The spooky atmosphere appealed to the children’s jury a lot, definitely because it wasn’t scary, but mysterious. The scenery and costumes were beautifully made and very believable. What stood out for us were the small details, the logos on the gym outfits that corresponded with the image of the garden on the playground. The music made sure that the atmosphere was additionally supported. Also the nuns who had their own opera song stood out in a positive way.

Film Fun in Bed Jury:

• Best Short Film: The Law of the Jungle from Pascale Hecquet (Belgium, 2015)


• Best Feature Film: Stormwind II from Katja von Garnier (Germany, 2015)

Distribution prize

One of the winning feature films in competition will receive the distribution award. This film will be distributed by Jekino Distribution and the winner for 2016 was My SKinny Sister

Best Short Film

The jury of professionals will hand out a cash award (€1.250) to the best short film in competition.

ECFA Awards

The jury of professionals will hand out the ECFA award. Several international film festivals for children and youngsters in Europe hand out the ECFA award. ECFA stands for European Children’s Film Association. All ECFA-winners can win the general ECFA award, film of the year. The award is handed out by all ECFA members at the Berlinale.


Best Feature Film 2016 – Professional Jury
Best Short Film 2016 – Professional Jury
Best Feature Film 2016 – Children’s Jury Antwerp
Best Short Film 2016 – Children’s Jury Antwerp
Best Feature Film 2016 – Children’s Jury Bruges
Best Short Film 2016 – Children’s Jury Bruges
Best Feature Film 2016 – Audience
Best Short Film 2016 – Film Fun in Bed

All winners received a Jeff Award made ​​this year by puppeteer Wouter Rikken, Studio Botterikken. Inspired by classic robots, such as “ Army of Oz “ from “ Return to Oz “, Wouter made ​​a robot version of the Jeff filmmicroob. The special thing is that the Jeff robot has magnets at different parts of his body. Beautiful wings, antennae, short arms, thick arms, or even robot tentacles? We’re all going to see it at the awards ceremony at the end of the Youth Film Festival!


Warre Borgmans: actor (BE)

Lorenzo Germeno: actor (Max) (DE)

Ann-Julie Vervaeke: director (BE)

Julia Jarl: BUFF festival director and jury member (SE)

Erika Van Tielen: voice (BE)

Anneloor Van Heemstra: director (NL)
Ilia Nowrouzi: himself (AF)

Arne Toonen: producer (NL)

Rolf Van Eijk: producer (NL)

Nina Wys: actress (Isabel) (NL)

Frits Standaert: director (BE)


Opening en Closing Film

Festive opening and closing with guests and reception!


No festival without prizes! A fine selection of nine feature films and 10 short films that haven’t been distributed in Flanders. These one-off screenings will be judged by an international Professional Jury, two Children’s Juries, the audience in Antwerp & Bruges and the Film Fun in Bed Jury. Together, they give away 7 awards and 2 honourable mentions.

Programme for Young Children

Is it your first time at the cinema? Don’t forget to pick up your film diploma!


Cut the Crap

Exclusive screenings, unique experiences and selected and carried out by Cut the Crap youngsters




Try your hand at making films yourself? At JEFF, we encourage this wholeheartedly! Make an animation film, build a robot out of tin cans or go all out and build an entire cinema! During Studio Creation we show pictures and films of the workshops and give you the opportunity to enjoy the memory of your own creations.

Attention: Workshop for the whole day = bring your lunch!


Your own short film on the big screen? It’s possible! During the specials you can enjoy the films that the children have made themselves. Do you already feel the urge to get going yourself?


At every location, you can enjoy an interactive playground. Come and experiment with audiovisual installations and the newest apps.

Antwerp: LaboJEFF (Zuiderpershuis) & APPlab (EcoHuis)
Ghent: Circalab (Theater Tinnenpot)
Bruges: APPlab (Cinema Liberty)
Coutrai: The Mammoth (Budascoop)



Hera Hammenecker

I’d love to watch films every day. Before I got into the jury, I didn’t know The Youth Film Festival existed, but I think it is awesome. My favourite animated film is Rango. It is the most fun film that I have. It is a nice genre: funny, exciting and romantic. My favourite film with real people is Maleficent. It is magical and adventurous and so I really like it and I think it is well acted. There are good shots. It even seems to be real.

Thomas Opdebeeck

I really like watching films, so I’ve been to The Youth Film Festival more than once. Here I got to see Brammetje Baas, Ploddy the police car and The Song of the Sea. My favourite film is Brammetje Baas because he is always the boss and it’s just a great film. I usually remember a lot of a film and I can also tell a lot about it.

Reneé Van Gysel

I would really love to be part of the jury. I heard my brother and sister telling a lot of spectacular stories about it and then I finally get to talk along. I am also very curious about how a film festival works behind the scenes. When I was younger, I came to watch the opening and closing films. My favourite film is Frozen, because it’s a very beautiful film and I can really empathise with the characters, which can even make it emotional. It is of course also a very relaxing film and that is why I also like it a lot. I love to spend entire days in front of the television watching films. Together with my brother and sister I can give a lot of comment on it.

Noa Van Loon

I love to watch films. My favourite films are Grease, The Great Bear, Ernest and Celestine, Labyrinthus, … I have a lot of favourite films and sometimes I change of opinion. I like it when a film is a little bit thrilling. At home, film moments are also very cosy and I can really enjoy it. Afterwards I like to fantasise about it, or I come up with another ending. We went to the youth film festival almost every year, and it’s a joy every time.

Lander Van Aken

The Harry Potter films are great. I have seen other films this year, but it’s hard to choose one as my favourite film. Krabat, Master of the Black Mill is one of the last films that I saw and I really liked it. Mystery and magic in one film, that’s what I like. I think that I really want to become a director when I grow up because I think it is great to make films yourself.

Lila De Coninck

My favourite films are Alice in Wonderland and Into the Woods. Both films star Johnny Depp. I like him as an actor, most of all because of his humour and the fact that he is always very present in a film, even when he has a small role, because he doesn’t overlook anything, he even transfers the smallest details to the viewers and still makes a film fun to watch. When I was little, I visited The Youth Film Festival several times. I just really love films. Fiction, non-fiction, it doesn’t matter. For me it is important how the film is made, how the cast performs, how they fit their role, whether it is captivating and of course fun to watch.

Kobe De Keyser

Watching films is one of my hobbies and I think it’s a great experience to share that this year with others in the jury. Ever since I was little, I visit The Youth Film Festival each year to watch a few films with my parents. It is really hard to choose one film as my favourite because I like so many films. I also like all sorts of genres, ranging from Captain Zeppos, who I met at the Youth Film Festival, to the series of Harry Potter.

Hadewijch Van Daele

Hi everyone, my name is Hadewijch Van Daele and I study Theatre, Film and Literature in Antwerp. Of these subjects, film is my favourite one. That’s why I chose to have my internship at The Youth Film Festival. During the festival week I get to accompany the children’s jury. Together we will watch and judge film an entire week.
I really look forward to it!

Julius Van Hoeserlande

I love films and love to recommend the best films to other children. I try to visit The Youth Film Festival every year. Last year I liked the film Felix the most, because it was moving and funny, with wonderful music.

Arno De Meurechy

I love to watch films and it seems fun to me to discuss films with others and to give my opinion. I love a lot of films, but my favourite films are the Star Wars films. I love the special effects and the fights. I also like The Minions because they are so funny: they talk funny and do funny things.

Kaat Deceuninck

I love to watch films, especially on the big screen. Together with my parents and friends I have been to The Youth Film Festival several times. I don’t have 1 favourite film, but if I have to choose, I will choose Crusade in Jeans and Cool kids don’t cry, because I love stories about other countries or times but I also like a moving story with romantic and sad moments.

Lisa Vercruysse

I like to watch films and sometimes I can spend a long time really thinking it through. I visit The Youth Film Festival in Bruges since I’m six. My favourite film is Windstorm because it is a beautiful story, it is well acted and of course because it is about horses. I reflect a lot on films and it just seems fun to watch films an entire week.

Ada Slos

I’ve been visiting The Youth Film Festival since I was a little toddler. I have seen a lot of beautiful films. My favourite films are Cool Kids Don’t Cry and Kick it because those are sensitive and touching films. I really love tear jerkers because it deals with real things. But I also love a lot of other sorts of films: adventure films, animal films, drama’s, comedies, …

Noor Demurie

I like to share my opinion on films and to discuss it with other kids, because I like to watch films and give my opinion. I have visited The Youth Film Festival each year and some years were better than others, since sometimes there were more films suiting my personality. My favourite film is Totally True Love, because I have a boyfriend too and the film is also very funny.

Arne Geernaert

I really like watching films and I think it is awesome to discuss them with others. I mainly watch films about detectives and young people with problems. Films like Labyrinthus, the Maze runner, Despicable Me, etc. are great. I even did an audition myself for a short film by Wannes Destoop: Billy the bully. I got to the last round. It was a great experience and I think this will be as well.

Katelijne Gevaert

My name is Katelijne and I’m really looking forward to coordinating the Bruges children’s jury again this year! I’ve been a huge fan of the Youth Film Festival for years: at first as an attentive visitor, then as an enthusiastic volunteer and since 2011 as the Bruges children’s jury coordinator. Being a primary school teacher, that is a highly interesting experience. Thanks to the fantastic films, the wonderful reactions of the children and the critical comments of the children’s jury, spring half-term will be fabulous! I’m already counting the days for the most beautiful, the most amusing, the coolest, greatest,… week of the year!

Professional EFCA

Sven Duym

1980 – Belgium

Sven Duym graduated in 2004 as an artistic director and producer at the RITCS in Brussels. It was clear from the start that his passion lay in fiction for children and youngsters. This is why he started his career as producer of the children’s series Wawa and Booh! for VTM. In 2006, he made the transition to Studio100 where he first started as producer of Mega Mindy and the films Piet Piraat en het Vliegende Schip and Samson en Gert: Hotel op Stelten. Afterwards, he became the Creative Producer and is now responsible for the creative follow-up of all the television, film and theater projects. Since 2010 he is also a teacher at the television department of the RITCS.

Rui Pereira

1974 – Portugal

Since 1998 Rui Pereira has been a film programmer for several institutions, including the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation and several art-house cinemas. He has also been a jury member during several Film Festivals, like the Seville International Film Festival and Karlovy Vary in the Czech Republic. Between 2003 and 2012 he was one of the directors, general manager and programmer of Indielisboa – Lisbon International Independent Film Festival. Since 2013 he has changed his focus to children and youngsters and is now developing an educational approach to cinema, aiming to raise the film’s literacy level of those age groups.

Joris Van Dael

1956 – Belgium

Joris Van Dael graduated at the Department of Drama of the Royal Conservatory of Liège. After pursuing a career as an actor and director in theatre and television, Joris founded the “KIDSCAM Animation studio for children and youngsters” in 2003. The objective of this organization is to support and develop “Child produced movies” as part of our art patrimony. The KIDSCAM film projects are the result of a cooperation between professional artists and children and youngsters. About fifty animation short films are produced every year in which more than 1200 children participate.

Julia Jarl

1977 – Sweden

Julia Jarl has been working at BUFF Film Festival, the largest film festival for a young audience in Sweden since 2007 and has been the festival director since 2012. She believes that stories told from a young perspective, enrich and challenge people of all ages. Before BUFF, Julia worked at Film in Skåne, a resource and production center for film in the region of Skåne, in the south of Sweden.

Sachli Gholamalizad, both dramatist and actress, starred in television series such as Ella and Day and Night: Hotel Eburon. Previously, she had a role in Misfortunates by Felix Van Groeningen. She surprised the theatre world with her performance A Reason to Talk. She currently stars in the fiction series The Bunker and in the comedy program Loslopend wild en gevogelte.

Billall Fallah studied Film at Sint-Lukas University Brussels. He is active as film director and screenwriter. Along with Adil El Arbi he made the much discussed sketch series Bergica and the short film Brothers, with which they won one price after another. Less than a year after their successful debut with the feature film Image, the directing duo scores again with Black.